ATRM: Arabidopsis Transcriptional Regulatory Map

We have tested the compatibility of the ATRM on following browsers:
  1. Internet Explorer 8-11 on Windows
  2. Firefox 30-35 on Windows
  3. Chrome 39.0 and 40.0 on Windows, and 40.0 on Mac OS X
  4. Safari 8.0 on Mac OS X
Frequently asked Questions:
Q: Does it require any plugin to browse the network?
A: Yes, the Flash player (version 10 or newer, click here to install) is required to browse the ATRM.

Q: I have installed the Flash player. However, I still could not load the network.
A: Please check if the version of Flash player is too low, or the Flash player is disabled by your browser.

Q: Can I download the ATRM and view it locally?
A: Yes. You can download the ATRM in the download page, and install the Cytoscape to view it.

Any questions, please contact email